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Cone Boulevard

Cone Boulevard

Cone Boulevard

Cone Boulevard is a neighborhood located in the city of Greensboro, North Carolina. The area is known for its bustling commercial corridor, diverse population, and access to public transportation. The following is a neighborhood profile that includes information on schools, utilities, and other important resources in the area.

Peeler Open Elementary School: This school serves students in grades K-5 and offers a variety of programs to support student success, including music and art classes. Phone: (336) 370-8270
Jackson Middle School: This school serves students in grades 6-8 and offers extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs. Phone: (336) 370-8240
Grimsley High School: This school serves students in grades 9-12 and is known for its strong academic program and diverse student body. Phone: (336) 370-8100

Duke Energy: This company is the primary provider of electricity in the Cone Boulevard area. Phone: 1-800-777-9898
City of Greensboro Water Resources: This department is responsible for providing water and sewer services to the neighborhood. Phone: (336) 373-2090
AT&T: This company is a provider of internet, cable, and home phone services in the area. Phone: 1-855-220-5211

Other Resources
Cone Boulevard Park: This park is a popular spot for residents to enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, picnicking, and playing sports. Phone: (336) 373-7888
Greensboro Transit Authority: This department provides public transportation services in the area, including bus routes and a downtown trolley service. Phone: (336) 335-6466
Cone Boulevard Library: This library offers a wide range of materials and services, including books, magazines, and internet access. Phone: (336) 373-2471

In conclusion, Cone Boulevard is a bustling and diverse neighborhood that offers residents access to excellent schools, reliable utilities, and a variety of recreational and community resources. It is also a great location for those who are looking for easy access to public transportation. Whether you are a family with young children or an individual looking for a sense of community, Cone Boulevard is an excellent place to call home.

Cone Boulevard

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Live the Life You've Always Imagined !

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